Take Note - guest blog by Sew Yeah aka Christine Leech

I love notebooks, I don’t think I’ve ever completely used one up though as I always seem to buy a new one before I’ve properly finished the first (and being a grown-up I don’t have to prove to anyone I’ve used every last page like I used to at school when I wanted a new exercise book). I also don’t like to mix my notebooks so every time I have a new idea for a project or a design I have to find myself a new book and a new pen before I can start recording my ‘genius’.

Imagine my delight when the lovely people over at Quadrille Publishing asked me and Hannah to design our own stationery range to compliment our book Everything Alice.

The range consists of notecards, a cake stand and my favourite, these notebooks.

We originally came up with countless designs but settled on this set of three (not big, not small, kinda handbag size) books; each one with a ‘helpful tip for an easier life’ quote from a character in Alice in Wonderland or Alice through the Looking Glass. These books have everything I look for in a notebook (well, when you’re the designer I guess that’s the point). Three in a pack, check, one lined, one plain and one grided, check, brown card, check, screen-printed and a little bit embossed? check and check.

Thing is my love of notebooks hasn’t been satisfied so I’m already trawling the net for my next fix… and this little lot are on my list …

1. A&7. Want? get here

2. Alphabet book. Want? get here

3. Blue and brown paper scrapbook. Want? get here

4. Dastardly nefarious plans for world domination. Want? get here

5. Orla Kiely flowers. Want? get here

6. Lisa London.

Want? get here

Oh yeah and Everything Alice Wonderland Notebooks.

Want? get here

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The next book from Christine and Hannah Read-Baldrey will be entitled Everything Oz and will be published by Quadrille in July 2012!

Coming this Autumn - Everything Alice stationery

The Everything Alice girls have got their first stationery collection coming next month - it came into the office this week and we thought you might want to see it

Everything Alice: Cake Stand - £12.00 RRP

A cheerful self-assembly cake stand, die-cut and printed with Everything Alice designs for your very own tea party.

Everything Alice: Notecards - Drink Me - £10 RRP

A box of 12 die-cut cards in the shape of tea cups and pots with envelopes, all in cheery Everything Alice designs.

Everything Alice: Notecards - Eat Me - £10 RRP

A box of 12 die-cut cards in the shape of cakes with envelopes, all in cheery Everything Alice designs.

And finally, the Everything Alice: 3 Mini Notebooks - again RRP £10

Three paperback notebooks with cute and quirky Everything Alice designs and quotes, gathered together with a bellyband.

If you want to buy them, you can pre-order them now at AMAZON UK



If you want to stock them in your shop or sell them online, please email sales@quadrille.co.uk

For publicity enquiries, please email publicity@quadrille.co.uk

Photography by Chinh Hoang 18/8/2011

Everything Alice - by Katie Allen

2011 has been the year when Alice in Wonderland

popped back out the rabbit hole, from Dali’s statue of Lewis Carroll’s heroine going on display in London for the first time, to not one but two ballets.

And then there is Everything Alice: The Wonderland Book of Makes…

by props and fashion stylist Hannah Read-Baldrey and illustrator and magazine designer and art director Christine Leech.

With such stylish ladies behind it, this couldn’t help but be an attractive book. Every one of the 50-count em-projects is photographed beautifully, from the flower-bedecked cupcakes on the vintage cake stand,

to the selection of “drink me” cordials,

jewel-bright in glass bottles and strewn with their own mini bunting.

As the ladies write, “Everything Alice is the creative must-have for any Alice lover and an enticement for those who are yet to fall down the rabbit hole.” Their passion for the minutiae of Carroll’s novels is evident in projects from lavender dormice to the march hare’s house teacosy, complete with ears,

to a recipe for sugar & spice comfits (as a child, I always wondered what they were).

But you don’t have to be loopy about the world through the looking glass to enjoy the book- the wonderland aprons, complete with frills and heart-shaped pockets, would make lovely presents for the most house-proud miss,

and while the satiny white rabbit ears might be only useful for certain situations, and the cup & saucer hat is slightly too bonkers, even for Ascot, the flamingo headpiece and froufrou white rose hat would be perfect for weddings.

The instructions for each project are clearly laid out, and interspersed with whimsical quotes from the novels, and I loved the dramatic red, white and black colour-scheme, reminiscent of the red queen’s pack of cards soldiers. My only quibble would be that some of the projects are just too mad for me-I doubt fabric-covered teapots would last long as plant holders as they suggest-but it’s a passionate and inventive twist on the traditional craft book, and one that will delight fans of both Alice-and kitsch-for some time.

Katie Allen

is editor of alternative women’s magazine www.fat-quarter.co.uk and web editor of The Bookseller/We Love This Book