Blue Monday - the solution!

Okay, here’s a theoretical situation for you.

What do you do to cheer yourself up in mid-January if you had just £12.99 to treat yourself?

How about some chocolate truffles?

(Photo (C) Martin Brigdale from Michel Roux’s Desserts)

.. you could get 133 grams worth for £12.99. Or maybe you would like a beer or two…?

(Photo (C) Jason Lowe from HIX Oyster & Chop House)

You could have 8.66 cans of Newcastle Brown Ale for that price…

Or is champagne your preferred tipple?

(Photo (C) Jason Lowe from HIX Oyster and Chop House)

You could buy a ‘Hix fix’ at HIX Restaurant & Champagne bar at Selfridges…

On a detox? How about a smoothie or more like 7.26 if you blew all your cash in one go…

Or you could have almost FOUR chocolate cakes for the same amount…

(Photo (C) Martin Brigdale from Michel Roux’s Desserts)

Or EIGHT slices of Pizza…

Or you could buy traditional Fish & Chips - like beer-battered Haddock with chips, mushy peas & home-made tartar sauce for £12.99

But most of that would barely last you a weekend or even a night..

So how about something that will sort you out in the long term and costs the same price… sound interesting?

Okay - here’s the answer:

…£12.99 is the absolute maximum you will pay and you will never have a Blue Monday again!

Susie Pearl event at Books for Breakfast - 25.01.12.




Wednesday January 25th 930am-11am

Create the life you want with 2012’s must-have self-development manual.

Turn up, tune in and grab yourself a bacon sandwich. 

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‘People worry about what they eat between Christmas and New Year, but they should really worry about what they eat between New Year and Christmas…

Elizabeth Peyton Jones, author of Eat Yourself Young guest blogs:

New Year can be a brutish time, what with the beating up of self over what you’ve not achieved in the past year and all the empty promises – usually over a glass of wine and slice of banoffee pie (never a good combination) – to make tough resolutions to change the way you are.

To get the best out of the New Year, I always advise clients to sit with their thoughts for a minute or so and consider without any judgement the year that has gone by. Focus on the fun times, the things you achieved (there will be a few!) as well as what you feel you missed out on. When you are ready, leap forward a year and imagine how you would like to be. Healthier, happier, richer, freer, more emotionally balanced, fatter, thinner, fitter?  How are you looking at the end of 2012? With that in mind, think about the steps you need to achieve it and start to set yourself some small and measurable goals.  

If you are concerned about your body and physical wellbeing then as a New Year treat buy Eat Yourself Young.

Read Chapter 1 about the ‘Five Processes of Ageing’ and mentally work out which of these processes you need to address most urgently. If you have aching joints or muscles you need to alkalize your body, or if you find yourself bloated and gassy have a look at your digestive health.  In the book you’ll find lots of advice, nutrition and cooking tips, menus and lists of relevant foods to help you address these health issues throughout the year. It’s a great liberation to realise that you can change the way you look and feel simply by changing what you eat.

Nutrition is one of the few things we have within our control every minute of every day. We have choices about what to eat/drink and what not to eat/drink. Whether we choose to eat healthy, vitamin- and mineral-rich foods or not is up to us. We’re always being told that small changes make a big difference. One small change might be to start reading the ingredients on food labels, and if any foodstuff is full of chemicals then you can choose not to eat it. In doing something small but powerfully effective like this, you will free up your mental strength and physical energy; and you will feel younger, fitter, more vital and ready to go all the way from New Year to Christmas.

Happy 2012!

Elizabeth Peyton-Jones

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