Sneak preview of the forthcoming book from Alice Hart, Friends at My Table

Here’s some sample pages of the new book from Alice Hart, Friends at My Table - A year of eating, drinking and making merry

Photography (C) Emma Lee

Illustrations (C) Claire Peters

Tumblr Photography (C) Chinh Hoang

The book is published in late April 2012.

Three new cookery ebooks from Quadrille Publishing - out in December 2011

 We’ve got three great cookery ebooks coming in December 2011…



176pp |E-book|£7.99

ISBN: 978 1 84949 166 2 

In Simple Cooking Antonio Carluccio is on a mission to instill in his readers the simple pleasure of cooking good fresh food, and to inspire novice cooks with confidence and a repertoire of reliable dishes for all occasions. 

The recipes included in this e-book are all easy to cook, perfect for those with little experience or who are short of time.  Throughout, Antonio has also included clever suggestions for how to ‘upgrade’ a basic recipe and there are also ingenious ideas for using leftovers.




176pp |E-book|£8.99

ISBN: 978 1 84949 169 3

 In India, a curry is a dish whose sauce is flavoured with a harmonious blend of spices. In this deliciously spicy e-book, Anjum Anand… 

…presents an eclectic choice of her favourite curries. These include regional dishes, favourite restaurant classics and many of her own original creations – in all, 50 great curries and 25 accompanying dishes.

This is the essential e-book for all lovers of Indian food, whether they are confident cooks or novice enthusiasts.

and weve also got BRITISH Regional FOOD by MARK HIX…


240pp |E-book|£7.99

ISBN: 978 1 84949 168 6 

British Regional Food not only celebrates the current status of favourite regional fare like pork pies, clotted cream and cider, but also showcases the most important and innovative producers passionate about their gastronomic past who are helping to re-kindle all that’s best in British food.


Spectacular photography by Jason Lowe brilliantly captures the flavour of each region and its dishes and the e-book ends with a gazetteer that provides details of the producers throughout the country.

All three ebooks are published by Quadrille and will be available from December 2011.