New Craft titles for the Summer & the Autumn from Quadrille

Published July 2011

Everything Alice - The Wonderland Book of Makes by Hannah Read-Baldrey & Christine Leech - £14.99, paperback

Welcome to the magical world of Everything Alice, where nothing is quite as it seems. Alice’s fantastical adventures in Wonderland provide the inspiration for a charming and original collection of 50 craft makes, ranging from a hand-sewn white rabbit toy and pompon-decorated slippers to papercraft tea party invitations and cut-out and-keep dress-up dolls. Whilst this book captures the very essence of Lewis Carroll’s popular tales – which have been translated into 125 languages and made into numerous films – each of the 50 ‘Make Me’ projects stands alone as a gorgeous item to cherish. Who wouldn’t be seduced by a red polka dot frilly pinny to wear whilst baking cupcakes fit for a king, or a heart-shaped pinboard to house precious keepsakes, or an exquisite beaded napkin ring in the initials of each of your dinner guests? Decorate your home and garden with the supremely simple yet highly effective no-sew fabric covered teapot planters. Serve your partygoers from a china cake stand made from mix-and-match vintage crockery. And create wonderfully scented candles that fill oversized teacups to present as handmade gifts.

Published Sept 2011

Knits to Give - 30 Knitted Gift Ideas by Debbie Bliss

£18.99, hardback

Nothing warms the heart more than a handmade gift. The thoughtful consideration and investment of time poured into a hand-knitted present is guaranteed to make the recipient feel cherished. Knits to Give is a collection of 30 gift ideas from top knitwear designer Debbie Bliss.

The book is divided into five sections – For Her, For Him, For Baby, For Kids, For the Home – and contains the solution to every tricky gift-giving problem. All the projects are designed to give maximum joy whilst taking the minimum of time and fuss – no project should take longer than a week to make, with some as quick as just a single evening. There are also plenty of entry-level projects that will suit the beginner knitter, yet still result in an individual and enticing personal gift. Whatever the occasion, all the projects in Knits to Give are a joy to make,to give, and to receive.

Published October 2011


…and Knit! by Cath Kidston

Both £20, Paperback in tin with gift set

Crochet! is an irresistible gift set that is perfect introduction to this traditional craft. Bringing her usual modern take to crochet, Cath Kidston has designed a colourful patch cushion that will cheer any room. Using double-knitting weight yarn in six upbeat, bright Cath Kidston colours, you can now make your very own Cath Kidston cushion.

Knit! is the most fantastic gift set that is sure to wow any novice knitter. Cath Kidston has created an exclusive yet simple striped scarf design that is the perfect beginner hand-knit project. Using double-knitting weight yarn in six classic, cheery Cath Kidston colours, you can now make your own Cath Kidston scarf.

Patch! By Cath Kidston

£15, paperback plus gift

The latest addition to Cath Kidston’s best-selling range of craft titles is Patch! This book presents Cath’s new and innovative take on traditional patchwork, which combines established techniques with a more contemporary approach. Mixing her own distinctive prints with vintage fabrics, Cath has designed 30 original and irresistible projects including not just the pieced quilts that you might expect but also numerous accessories and home furnishings – bags, cushions, pillowcases, even a toddler’s toy ball and a dog bed.

Patchwork, also known as pieced work, simply involves sewing together cut pieces of material to create a larger design, and Cath has broadened the boundaries of conventional patchwork to create projects from vintage embroidered traycloths, striped linen tea towels, and shirting, returning to its origins as a craft born out of thrift at a time when new fabrics were scarce. Many of the projects in this book can be made out of the scraps and leftovers that crafters accumulate, thereby putting all those odds and ends to perfect use.

With the clearly written instructions accompanied by explanatory diagrams, and each project shown in detail in colour photographs, Patch! is the worthy successor to the best-selling Make!, Sew! and Stitch!

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Two very happy authors - Hannah Read-Baldrey on what it feels like to receive a copy of your first book in the post…

What does it feel like to hold your first book for the first time?…


Earlier on this week, Christine & I had the much awaited unveiling of the first ever copies of Everything Alice ( release date 4th July).

The week before our editor Lisa sent us a little exciting email, as she does, stating that there were going to be some early copies in the Quadrille office at the beginning of the week. She sent us each one copy on Tuesday morning on a “before 10am delivery.” It was a bit like expecting exam results, you hope you have done well… but you never know! ( GCESE French…) 

The doorbell rang at 9.30; the postman must have known it was something important by the look on my face, as he beamed at me brightly.

Against all my animalistic instincts to rip open the pink plastic envelope, I waited. Christine and I had decided to open our packages together: This was really important to the both of us, after all we have been through with our first book, the amount of work, effort & excitement throughout the whole process, it just wouldn’t have been the same otherwise.  

I spent a lot of time getting dressed that morning, I think more as a distraction more than anything else. Rolled my hair into the perfect 1940s ish hairstyle ( that I have made up) & put on my best bright red lipstick. 

At about 12.30, I jumped in the Mini and drove up to St Katherine’s Dock to meet her for a 1 pm lunch at work. I parked at the Waitrose carpark & covered my £10 parking cover charge with a bottle of pink fizz & plastic glasses ( fake champagne ones of course!). I waited outside, and waited, of course Chris was held up at work, which didn’t help the nerves! It was about 1.20 when she surfaced… delayed by the fact in my impatience/ excitement I walked one way and she the other. Finally we saw each other all beaming smiles across the tarmac. 


Instead of drinking my pink stuff we decided to be more civilized and go for a drink in the pub by the dock. (The bottle was enjoyed by myself and hubby Brendan later on, don’t you worry). We bought our drinks, but no food as a truck load of Japanese tourists had just rocked up on a coach trip, “40 mins wait for food love” explained the tall man behind the bar.


A glorious sunny day it was, so we sat outside, had a quick sip of our drinks then delved in. To be honest I didn’t know what to expect, this was for a few reasons; creating a book is a very long process, if you think from concept, to selling it to a publisher, to making everything, to photographing everything, to writing everything, having that edited, illustrating it, designing the layout, retouching, colour proofing then printing… its a long process & you see the pages of the book 1000s of times, they become engrained in your mind like your favorite song. It will be 2 years since first concept for it to hit the shops this July.  

Once the envelopes were opened we both just smiled, we went through each page together… Some things looked amazing, others looked even better! Its a funny feeling, to really have something in this life that you can call your own, all the work in there is ours (unusually we were allowed to create the entire process of the book ourselves, which was part of the deal, so none of the design was from the publisher). This is why this book is so special to the both of us, and what’s wonderful is we are such great friends it makes it even better to be able to share something like this with someone else.  

We asked the Spanish waiter to take our photo to mark the occasion, he said oh si its “Alicia en el País de las Maravillas” ( no I didn’t remember that, just googled it!) 

I think what the strangest thing is, the illustration that I took hours to create, cutting up little bits of paper, sticking them down then pulling them up again,( Im still picking out paper hearts from nooks and crannies) all created on my kitchen table, is now on the front cover of a book which will be sold all over the world… wow…  

We both signed our names in the front & wrote a little message in each others books. 



So cheers to Everything Alice, I do hope you love it as much as we do. It’s a very beautiful & bright book, one that has made two girls from South- East London very happy indeed!  

Han x


This article originally appeared on on the 7th May 2011

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