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Published August 2011

In at the Deep End : Cooking Fish, Venice to Tokyo by Jake Tilson  

£20, paperback

In at the Deep End is an engaging personal story of discovery of fish cookery. Travelling from Venice to Tokyo, New York to Sweden and Aberdeen to Sydney, Jake chronicles his journey to in absorbing detail. Whether cooking and eating Venetian Bigoli with Clams or New York Crab Cakes, Swedish Soused Herrings or Japanese Sushi and Sashimi, Jake effortlessly conjures up the worlds in which these dishes originated – the fishing villages and coastal landscapes, thefishermen and their boats, the markets, smoke houses and restaurants. An evocative exploration of Jake’s many experiences with fish, this delightful food memoir and recipe book catalogues Jake’s conversion to seafood obsessive. Jake’s acute eye and enticing recipes make In at the Deep End a book to be read, savoured, used and, above all, enjoyed.


Classic Voices in Food : Gentle Art of Cooking by Leyel & Hartley

£ 14.99, hardback

Part of a striking upheaval in attitudes to food and cooking between the wars, this book was published to immediate success in 1921, providing a level of detail that was unusual amongst its contemporaries, while inspiring its readers with its daring recipe selection. With chapters entitled ‘Dishes from the Arabian Nights’, ‘The Alchemist’s Cupboard’, and a startlingly original chapter of ‘Flower Recipes’, in which Hilda Leyel and her assistant Olga Hartley revive the medieval use of flowers for food with recipes such as Rose Ice Cream and Nasturtium Salad, this book can’t help but capture the imagination of even the most jaded of recipe readers.

Combined with its intensely modern focus on vegetables – with six chapters devoted to vegetables, pulses, nuts and grains – revival of old tastes and suggestions of new ones, this book points towards the assured and sophisticated work of modern molecular gastronomy and demonstrates how elegant and innovative British food can be.


Classic Voices in Food : Simple French Cooking for English Homes by X. Boulestin

£12 .99, hardback

 First published in June 1923, Xavier Marcel Boulestin’s book was an immediate success, which did much to popularise French cuisine in the English-speaking world. In this charming book, Boulestin dispels the myth that French cooking is complicated, rich and full of nondescript dishes with pretentious names by offering up over 200 delicious recipes – including traditional favourites such as Sorrel Soup, Pommes de Terre Boulangère, and Galette au Chocolat – which are simple and easy to make. The book also reveals both that many of the very best French dishes are made up of ‘remnants’ and that there is very little waste in the French kitchen.

Written in an engaging style and filled with anecdote and advice,Simple French Cooking is a timeless classic that demands to be included in any keen cook’s collection.


Published September 2011

Bill’s Everyday Asian by Bill Granger

£20, hardback

The big, bold taste explosions of Asia have had Bill Granger hooked since his childhood. With Bill’s Everyday Asian, he takes the best that Asian food has to offer and gives it the unique Bill makeover, simplifying his favourite classics and creatinghis own dishes.

The Asian dishes he loves to eat and cook are quick, easy and healthy. For Bill, this isn’t exotic food, it’s an everyday thing. He has drawn on all his experience to demystify the idea that Asian food is somehow complicated and difficult to prepare – in a lot of cases it’s incredibly simple.

The recipes in this book are inspired by Bill’s many experiences, from a homecooked

dinner enjoyed in Singapore to a businessman’s breakfast in Japan; they range from simple street food to some of the most exciting dishes from restaurants around the world.

Love Music, Love Food by Patrice de Villiers

£30, hardback

Stunning, unexpected and groundbreaking, this compelling book will captivate all who look through its pages. There are two things that could make the world a better place – food and music – and this exclusive project combines them with a unique collection of portraits of musicians with their favourite food or drink.

Over 60 musicians are featured, each driven by their support for Teenage Cancer Trust and their wish to collaborate on this fascinating book. From rock legends to emerging artists, an incredible spectrum of musicians reveal their passionate engagement with a favourite – and often unexpected – food. Who would have predicted Sophie Ellis Bextor’s obsession with fish and chips? Or Siouxsie Sioux’ with beans on toast? For Brandon Flowers it is Pastor Tacos and Elotes while Alex Kapranos has a passion for beetroot and Noel Gallagher for Yorkshire tea!


The Birthday Cake Book by Fiona Cairns

£18 .99, hardback

Whether you are going to be 1 or 100 years old Fiona Cairns has the perfect birthday cake for you – all not only amazing to behold but also absolutely delicious to eat.

Fiona is a veteran at catering for every style and taste, and amongst the 50 cakes featured in this book there are masses of tempting choices as well as six themed birthday parties, each with a large cake, cupcakes, and biscuits.

Fiona’s warm writing style and easy-to-follow instructions means making beautiful, surprising and divine-tasting birthday cakes is something everybody can achieve, no matter how inexperienced, and enjoy the process. So bring a special gift to the party, and get baking!


New Voices in Food: Comfort & Spice by Niamh Shields

£ 14.99, paperback

Full-flavoured, generous and easy to reproduce recipes have won Niamh Shields a huge following for her blog, Eat Like A Girl, as well as critical acclaim (The Times included the blog in its top ten food blogs from around the world). Now, for the first time, her adventurous though frugal food and warm, bright writing style is collected in a book.

Niamh’s gastronomic curiosity has gathered together the cookery of her native Ireland, in such dishes as the Cork speciality Spiced Christmas Beef, as well as exotically greedy but delicious Asian Chicken Skin Skewers, and an elegant Raspberry and Rose Tart, in dishes that embrace both the passing of the seasons, the foods of the world, and the special occasions of a modern life.

Comfort and Spice is a book both to read in bed and to splatter with sauce next to the stove, whether you’re a nervous novice – a group of potential cooks very close to Niamh’s heart – or simply someone who wants to make their food sing.


Published October 2011

Flash Cooking by Laura Santtini

£20, hardback

A collection of brilliant ideas and recipes for healthy meals that are quick and easy to prepare as well as tasting incredible – flash food is not just a way of cooking but a way of life. Easily prepared ingredients and fast flavourings literally flash in the pan but this is fast food cleverly designed to keep you trim and fit. Laura’s easily prepared flavour bombs, pastes, glazes and dressings are made from health-giving herbs and spices and draw on different world cuisines to ensure that the taste buds keep tingling. This is the everyday cooking of the future, making the ordinary extraordinary by allowing readers to transform familiar basic everyday ingredients, like fish fillets and steaks, chicken breasts and thighs, into a wide range of exciting and nutritious meals. From Salmon Fillets Glazed with Mustard and Maple Syrup and Lemon Pesto Scallops to Pork Cutlets with Sage and Anchovy and Cauliflower Steaks with Sweet Chilli Soy, there are dishes for all types of meals and occasions, even energising breakfasts and all-day snacks. Fast, healthy, simple and flavourpacked, this innovative book will become the essential guide for everyone looking

or fabulous fast food for a fit life.


Desserts by Michel Roux 

£ 14.99, hardback

Trained in the classic French style and an inveterate global traveler with a passion for different cuisines, Michel has been inspired by many influences to develop an outstanding repertoire of desserts. Classic recipes are given a modern twist, while original recipes boast new combinations of flavours or a lighter or simpler style of cooking.

The book is divided into 10 chapters, each focusing on a particular type of dessert, from simple fruit desserts, hot soufflés and puddings, ice creams and sorbets, through meringues, mousses and parfaits to delectable tarts, pastries and gâteaux. Step-by-step photographic sequences guide you through specific techniques throughout the chapters as Michel presents recipes that are straightforward to prepare and designed to suit today’s fresher, lighter palate.

Illustrated throughout with Martin Brigdale’s stunning photographs and designed in a clear, modern, easy-to-follow style, Desserts is set to become a classic from the moment it is published.


The Grand Café by A.A. Gill 

£12.99, hardback

The café – the birthplace of modern banking, the harbourer of dissidents and revolutionaries, and favoured hangout of philosophers and playwrights from Jean-Paul Sartre in Paris to Václav Havel in Prague – is the natural home of great ideas. This, Gill argues, is due to the nature of cafés themselves. They are, and always have been, terrific levellers, open to all men and indifferent to social status, while the food and drink they offer are unencumbered by the straight-jacket structure and strictures of a formal restaurant meal.

In The Grand Café, Gill traces the history of these most gloriously democratic of establishments: their introduction to Europe down the Danube, the opening of the first café in Britain and the heyday of the Grand Cafés of Europe, through to the arrival of the American cafés of the late 50s and early 60s and, finally, to the opening of London’s iconic Grand Café, The Wolseley. Woven throughout are recipes from every era featured, from the classic Wiener Schnitzel to American diner fare such as the Tuna Melt, all developed, tested and shot in the Wolseley’s kitchen. With scintillating text and beautifully illustrated throughout, The Grand Café is an enthralling celebration of café culture.


Spices by Sophie Grigson

£20, hardback

Spices have not only found their way into the heart of homes across the entire globe, but have also changed the lives of kings, queens, governments and nations. They carry within them an unparalleled magic, one that inspires lust, romance, nostalgia and perhaps most importantly of all, the power to enthrall cooks and consumers alike. Each spice has its own story, just as it has its own particular scent and flavour.

Pepper alone has caused more ructions and excitement over the centuries than most religions, though bizarrely we now take it totally for granted, grinding it over our food almost without noticing. Who knows where the best most aromatic pepper comes from? Or that it grows on huge trailing green vines that clamber over wooden frames? Have you knowingly tasted high roasted, green, white or even smoked black pepper?

Sophie Grigson also takes the reader on a world tour of coriander, from its beginnings in Europe with ratatouille travelling eastward to Indian curries and then dipping into Mexican cuisine and even Caribbean dishes.


Published November 2011

Christmas with Gordon by Gordon Ramsay

£15, hardback

Gordon gives inspiration, advice and 75 failsafe and delicious recipes for all occasions over the Christmas period. The stars of the show are 5 Christmas Feasts – suitable for whenever you choose to have your main Christmas meal. The menus are built around a choice of 5 main course centre pieces – turkey, goose, beef, ham or sea bass – and include starters, accompaniments and desserts for each. To take the stress out of Christmas Gordon offers masses of advice on ordering, shopping, preparation and timing. Also included is a great chapter on Party Food, and inspired recipes for Breakfast & Brunch, Lunches & Suppers, and Sweet Treats.

Gordon’s favourite Christmas ingredients, including stilton, smoked salmon, turkey and ham, are highlighted with suggestions for creative ways to use them over the Christmas period. Advice on wines and party drinks, cheese and other festive ingredients complete this invaluable guide to the perfect Christmas.

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